Ben PeKuAh is Gd's Gift for

  • 'Super Kosher'

  • 'Naturally Kosher'

  • 'Cheaper Kosher'

  • 'Authentic Kosher'

Ben PeKuAh provides:

  • tremendous production efficiencies

  • significant production cost savings

  • superior standards of Kosher

  • unimpeachable Kosher integrity

  • easy Kosher hind-quarter cuts


Ben PeKuAh being 'Naturally Kosher' is completely Kosher including the sciatic nerve and kidney fats.

Ben PeKuAh does not require:

  • painstaking removal of prohibited components

  • laborious time consuming inspection for ritual blemishes

  • hordes of expensive, additional Kosher supervising and working staff


Our BeNey PeKuAh (pl.) are 

  • naturally bred from parents that are both Ben PeKuAh and

  • is first created by salvaging a foetus of:

  1. a Kosher species

  2. which is slaughtered as per Kosher ritual and

  3. is free of internal disqualifying ritual blemishes
    בן פקועה means the foetus broken out from its mother [פוק means go out]

HaRav Padwa eats Rabbi Rabi's Ben PeKuAh meat. BP do NOT REQUIRE checking for ritual blemishes
BP do NOT REQUIRE cleansing of the hindquarters